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Journal of Notarial Acts

Are you bilingual?
No, I only conduct signings in English.

What fees are applied if the signer refuses to sign, or escrow does not close?
The full negotiated fee is applied to compensate for lost time and travel expenses.

What if a client requests a notarization, but doesn't have identification?
For situations such as a loved one in a nursing home who no longer has a driver's license, two credible witnesses are necessary. The name, phone number, driver's license number and expiration date of each witness must be recorded in the notary's journal. In addition, each witness must swear under oath to the identity of the signer and must sign the notary's journal. The arrangement to provide credible witnesses must be made prior to the appointment.

Do you draft or fill out paperwork, for example, a Durable Power of Attorney?
No. You must provide the paperwork and it must be completed prior to the signing appointment. It is best to consult an attorney if you're not sure what you need.

Can you accept email and faxed docs?
Yes, for an additional fee.

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